Cheap Raised bed support


2006 2500 140 HT 263k
Hi folks
I'm trying to build my bed and stuck. I've got a pretty good design in my head but stuck on how to raise the main drawer support with out buying $$$ of extrusion. Design is the classic tri fold couch pull out bed with a twist.
I need help with figuring support to go up and out.

Pics are mock up of wood. I'm planing on having a local welder make me a 1.5" aluminum tubing bed framing. Currently a few peaces of wood get me to where I want bed positioned, but wood flexes as bed pulls down on top of mounted 2x6.
The beed support needs to be 3" on each side in from van sides as well as 3" above the support in my 06 T1n. I'm trying to keep supports off the ground.

The main front bed support is one section attached to a 500lbs drawer slider. Rear bed section is on a pivot hinge.
When the bed is in couch mode I want the sides to be clear on the side walls.
My first thought is 4 slotted steel tubing mounted vertically at home depot. But that still gives me a few inches that I need to come in from the bed. I think it will be hard to make look clean when finished. Thanks for any ideas.


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