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2015.5 LTV Unity TB
I have a 2015.5 Unity Twin Bed, which has the Venetian blinds in the kitchen.

The blinds need to be replaced because the cord has worn through. Has anyone replaced these blinds?

My dealer suggested getting the custom cut Venetian blinds from Home Depot. This seems like a good and inexpensive solution, although it will not have the tie downs at the bottom.

I am trying to figure out how to remove the current blinds.

I cannot figure how to remove the blinds without removing the valence. Has anyone figured out how to remove the valence?

I undid the clip on either end of the blinds, shown below. But I cannot figure out how to remove the blinds, because there is not enough room to twice them out and the movable part of the clip is against the wall.

Any advice would be appreciated.



2014 LTV Unity TB
I am glad to see the question arise since I had exactly the same thing happen to one of the woven cords with those same blinds on my 2014 TB a couple of weeks ago. Bad news for you is that I have no clue how to get the old ones out either so I will be watching to see if anyone can answer your query.

I found some woven cord that might allow me to rebuild the blinds but I still have to get them out to access the path the cords take.


2015 LTV Unity TB
To remove the galley valance: It is secured buy 4 small angle brackets, 2 on each side with 1" screws and 2 on the upper inside (about 3" from either end) with 1/2" screws. You need to have the square bits to remove the screws.

To remove the blinds: The clear plastic bracket on each side that secures the alum blind is very similar to those used home window installations. Press in on the open slotted side so that it will release the hinged piece that will rotate out and release the blind.

My galley window frame as viewed from the inside is 30-3/4" out to out, and the height is 18-3/4" out to out. The individual 1" alum blind is 31-3/8".

Perhaps LTV can provide a new blind. The label on my blind shows:

Triple E RV
31-1/2 x 22 ALA Pearl EZ
3/22 Date: 10/24/14

Hope this helps


2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
I replaced mine a long time ago with just a standard vinyl roller shade from Lowe's for less than $15. Lowe's cuts the shade to the width you want and you just install new hardware into the valance, re-hang the valance, and insert the shade. Home depot sells similar ones as Lowe's and custom cuts them as well.
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2017 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
Wait until you have to remove the shade unit within the Murphy Bed recess. Wow! Talk about a PITA!

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