TrucknVans in Ca - Any experience with them?


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These folks are located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and appear to have the windows I want at a good price with shipping included for free. Being they are 1000 miles away, I’m hesitant as I don’t have much recourse if it goes bad. Actually feels a bit too good to be true which send me researching.

I’ve found a couple of reviews of a company by this name, but located in the Midwest not California.

Has anyone dealt with the California Trucknvans ?

Thanks in advance,



Sprinter is for sale
After nearly 1 month from when I ordered new windows, they arrived on my doorstep. Beautiful windows, just not what I ordered.

TrucknVans is not at fault in this. The windows were drop shipped from CR Laurence. The packing slip from CR Laurence shows the correct windows, however the boxes shipped, don't match.

Now we get to see how a company handles a situatoin when things go wrong. Talked to TrucknVans this afternoon and they will contact CR Laurence in the morning and get back to me how this will be resolved.

I'm very disappointed that I still don't have windows and the weather is turning bad. Looks like TrucknVans is going to work to make this right and I'll update.

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