My 2007 Sprinter starter battery - branding evidence

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Assuming one has a single battery ! For what ever reason it's as dead as a dodo not enough power to even turn the starter spring, just clunk.
The perfect solution is to have a stater pack in the glove box of your vehicle.
Now this little Ripper is charged for five years,and it's a plug into your 12 V outlet
This will dam near start a Rig or even a 12 cylinder engine
How mu8ch volt does it carry 30AMP:eek:
Plug in wait 12 minutes this process depending on the state of death as to your battery works in incitements bearing in mind most modern batteries once discharged past 40 to50% the acid statifies which reduces it's life span and equally causes problems with senative elctronics such as memory sets.
Plug this rapid charge unit into your 12V power source it works in quick succession
from stage one: Red to Yellow indicating battery is charging to Green, ready to start.
Once engine is running for a few minutes, the alt completes the full charge on your mains stand alone battery,:Then reverse switch the process to recharge your stand alone [Red to Green] glove box unit for another day.
No memory ecu computer loss either.
Have you worked out what it is.:popcorn:
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Turning everything off before jumping is a good idea. I can't see where this giant mysterious spike is coming from, though. I'm thinking you would need an inductor or large coil somewhere. Something in the alternator, while running? That stuff is rectified and regulated, though. I'm not seeing it. It may be an issue, but someone will need to help me out here before I can be concerned about it. I have not heard of this problem before.
The spark is created when a high current flow is introduced or interrupted. For instance...

Connecting a good battery to a battery that is low on charge will induce a spark just before the time of the connection (introduced) because the low on charge battery (kind of like a short) wants to pull current from the good battery.

Disconnecting a battery while the starter is running will induce a spark (at the disconnection) because there's a high current flowing from the battery to the starter.

The principle is the same if you replace the battery with an inductor or capacitor.


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Let me help out here, if I may...

Think Rudolph the Red Nose... he's like the Sprinter in the herd... one Christmas, he was run down and someone tried to jump start him...

The rest is, as they say, history.
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Altered Sprinter

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No, but how much?
Not letting you electric gurus off the hook that quick
24 Hrs
In the interim I'll offer an incentive
The Winner gets a genuine OEM Dealers promotion MB
Huge carry bag
Value Au$100.00 including sea freight .
I'm not that generous, with air freight,:laughing: If your nice and say Please: I might run a photo up or two.

Let me help out here, if I may...

Think Rudolph the Red Nose... he's like the Sprinter in the herd... one Christmas, he was run down and someone tried to jump start him...

The rest is, as they say, history.
That's it your on next years bad boy Santa's list:rolleyes:

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It's probably prohibitively expensive, but I'd like to have a hydrogen fuel cell battery charger tucked away in my Sprinter. No worries about self-discharge over long periods of time, and it's probably lighter than a box of lead plates. Zero greenhouse gas emissions.



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I have one of these...
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...and I never leave home for a long distant trip without it. I also have jumper cables too.

I had to use the above once to start the Sprinter after I left it sitting for over a month in the driveway. No problem starting it and my electronics are still working. The original starter battery is still good as I don't let the van sit for more than a week anymore without running it or leaving the battery on a battery charger.

Unless someone can explain to me how they zapped their Sprinter electronics or in detail how they went about in doing, it's all bunk. :tongue: :smilewink: You're making people think there's some fancy unobtainable electronics that defy the laws of physics.
I run my battery down more often than I like to admit. I use one of Seek's Jump Start Packs and it works flawlessly. They hold a charge for months and come in really handy around the garage.

No special electronics are required for jump starting your Sprinter. If you can tell the difference between red and black you'll be OK.

For what Richard is talking about you have to have a battery in good working order, just discharged. If the battery is unable to hold a cranking charge it won't work, whereas the jump start packs will work if the battery is unable to hold cranking charge.

Jump start.JPG



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We lost the topic and I'm closing the thread.

I received a battery from Jegs. It was poorly packed. The battery had a hole in it. I could see inside at some plates or something.

I sent it back. I just received the replacement.

See NCV3 write ups.

I'll post a copy of the Braille factory battery test, in write ups, close the thread until I have more info.

The replacement packing was marginally better. The battery seems intact. I'll put it on a charger/tester this evening.

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