Tips on Mercedes Grill conversion?


It looks like quite a few people have done this and I was hoping to get some additional input on techniques/issues in removing the glued on pieces, especially the front hood strip. My 06 appears to have the thin rubber behind the hood strip. Any cautions , etc? Has anyone damage the paint and if so what do you think could be done to avoid the problem?



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I didn't damage my paint, but it was a REAL PITA to remove the black polyurethane stuff. I also have the white double stick tape which is not hard to take off.

I took off the strip, cleaned off the white double stick tape, and using a razor blade shaved off as much the black stuff without scratching the paint.

After getting a thin layer of black stuff left on the hood (and asking myself, why am I going through this ordeal), I used a Dremel with a felt tip dipped in Goo Gone and went through the rounds of burning/removing off the stuff. It took forever! :snore:

Best of luck to you! :smilewink:


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removing adhesive from the Dodge has varying types of adhesive , tape glues etc.
One any spay type wax and grease remover will soften adhesive and eventually remove the products without harm to paint, but slow and steady as you go.
Two The best and quickest removal method for this is product that contains Liquid Hydrocarbon 60-70%w/w it can be bought in raw form from a chemist or local drug store in small quantiles or at major hard-ware outlets.
Clean , no paint damage need lots of rags beware highly flammable so don't smoke.
Apply the liquid to surface let soak and run behind adhesive, repeat several times use clean cloths as you go.

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I had the back goo, also. I used a plastic squeegee like the ones body/fender repairman use to spread body putty -- they're still yet flexible and have a relatively sharp edge, and won't scratch the paint. I softened the adhsesive with one of the goo-be-gone products, then gently rolled up the black goo with the edge of the squeegee, like a scraper. Finally, I washed off the remaining remnants of back stuff with the goo-be-gone (not sure of the brand; there are several, available in many places, such as Wally World or any of the chain auto parts stores).


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Anyone trim the chrome strip to allow the star to fit?



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I did the same as seek with the razor. I used gasoline to remove the last part. It did dull the paint just a bit but I use wax to bring the shine back.


I appreciate the responses because I suspected the job wasn't as easy as the sellers sometimes imply. I have removed some badging from other vehicles using heat, dental floss/prying, and application of "Goof Off" which in my experience has been clearly superior to "Goo Gone".
I haven't decided where this mod fits in my priorities but would like to do it at some point.


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Hey Scott -

Great job on catching on that this was a duplicate question with an existing answer in place!

Lots of info on how to search The can be found here:

It's amazing all the info that is here on the Source! Always good to do a search before asking a question - the answer may be available without even having to ask!



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Forgive me, but i cannot find the link you gave me on where you got your updated grille from, can you resend?



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that eraser tool works pretty good the one you put on a drill
but becareful it can get the hood hot and discolor the paint.

for the rear logo i used plyers and blow dryer
worked perfect left barely and tape behind.
for front logo i wrapped string around it then heated with blow
dryer and pulled it tell hit came off


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I have MB grill on my 2005 which has the new much much harder to remove black urethane holding the chrome trim on....I did not want to risk any damage etc... so I took it to a auto body place and they charged me $100 to take it off. Took two guys about 1.5 hours to get it all done...they had never seen body moulding adhesive that tough before.

I figured why risk screwing up my paint job for a 100 bucks


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