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I was hoping to get some feedback on a new 2018-2019 Synergy.
I thought I wanted a 34 ft Palazzo DP but the more I thought about it the less I wanted something that size. Mainly used for short 2-5 day trips in State (Texas) as our favorite spot is Big Bend region about a 500-mile one-way trip. We would leave late Thursday afternoon and drive straight through and return on Monday

I have looked at several and started one up, just to see how noisy it was, thus one of the reasons of DP. The engine was really quite but turn dash ac on, generator on and cabin ac full blast and it was noisy. This was a used unit so maybe that was the reason. Is that an issue for you guys?

Did not drive it so not sure about ride quality, but I am sure there are ways to improve it?

Here is what I want, I know this puts me in the 100k range for a new one.
Twin bed convert to king
Diesel generator
Summit package

Will probably pull a motorcycle trailer, so it would give me optional storage as well for bicycles, grill, water,extra fuel, yeti cooler for ice, and yes my espresso machine, about 3k lbs

Tell me I am crazy this would work. :thinking:
Thanks, Bill

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