DIY Lithium Packs, Proposal and Discussion


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Not trying to belabor any of this - just followed a few more links and thought some of the content was useful. These high current, low voltage drop SOPs are new ground for me. Semi pun there was not intentional.

Copper busbar surface prep and contact characteristics:

Some more on Belleville washers:

Aluminum busbars:


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Thanks for showing our Sprinter community the way here MWD!!! I took my education from your thread(s) along with working with some great fabricators (LOL) who produced some 4 cell and 8 cell clamping systems to produce this bad boy (please note these are not completely installed for prime time, just bolted in for testing and some initial light use). This is in a 118 high top t1n bolted to the wall with the custom clamps and a some additional steel members for additional support):



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Thanks Vanski!

If anyone is interested a friend of mine will be offering the clamping plates and hardware for sale in the near future. The plan is to add coil springs to the assembly to ensure consistent clamping force and maximum cycle life.

With all the parts and tools making one of these 560AH packs can be done for less than 1,900$ DIY. Obviously you need to source your own cells from China unless you known someone stateside that resell gray market A- or B+ grade cells.


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Hi, with the clamping plates, are prismatic cells still recommended?

I notice non-prismatic cells can be much cheaper. Someone posted here yesterday that they can get 8x 280aH cells (13V, 560aH) for under $900USD shipped from China. A link to a vendor was not included.


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You could possibly use pouch cells, the springs for clamping would absolutely be required though. Some additional padding might be called for.

My 8x280AH cells were about 900$ delivered, so the pricing is pretty competitive. If you already have the tools to balance a pack, and crimp terminals, etc, it can be fairly cheap to make your own even with BMS.

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