West Africa Trip Anyone?


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First words of advise.
Don't dress like a Yank , rather more like a rag bag Columbian or Venezuelan.
The popular Yankee belly pack is a big giveaway, only Yanks wear those ! Big attack target followed by expensive designer sneakers like genuine Nikes!
Again only Yanks wear those
I lived for years in that region, mostly in Caracas .

I traveled all over South & Central America, petty theft (pick pockets) & mugging assault is the biggest issue in some areas especially at night & entering unknown "barrios" without local invites. So don't attract attention to yourselves try to look and act like a local.
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Hey Ed, I missed this call for travel mates back when. At the time I was in the waiting period for my van and couldn’t have committed. Now that I’ve got her I would be tempted.

An organized group is easier for sure, but so far I have really been digging the solo wandering style. That is in the safe confines of Western Europe so far.

Enjoy the trip.


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Interesting perspective and I agree with everything written above.
Doing customer support in Arab Africa I would occasionally venture south into sub saharan regions like the Congo & Uganda in a Landrover.

For me the remedy was some info from the "in territory" British Embassy & local info on road conditions etc, before venturing further was always helpful.
With a Nian Persian carpet to stretch out on the roof for a nights sleep and adequate provisions that bloody Landrover took me all over the continent & back to Baghdad where I was based.
I didn't need no agency simply this "mazunga" was on his own like a lot of wandering Brits, however we are usually armed with tea making equipment and various flavors of the leaf.
Usually guaranteed to "soften & sooth" even the most aggressive local a hot cuppa always seems to mellow the relationship. I suppose its a shame that some nationalities haven't YET discovered its medicinal and diplomatic remedies to many a meeting of the minds.:thumbup:


Ah yes, stay calm and put the kettle on. Great advice for when things go pear shaped. If that fails crack open the rum and think about it in the morning:)
Patience, the "time is of no consequence to me attitude" (even if it is an illusion) can work wonders.
I really need to follow my own advice more!
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