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I've always wondered about the number of photos that show up sideways on the forum. I thought maybe is was caused by posting from phones or such. Today I found at least one cause - posting large images which are resized by the forum software.

Normally I resize my photos to 640x480 or smaller before posting so they display reasonably on screen. I skipped that step in my hurry today and noticed that the image, which displays normally on my computer, was rotated on the forum. I then resized it and uploaded again and it displays upright.

Here are the two images for reference:


track (small).jpg

I guess I should follow my own tip when posting.


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This normally happens with pictures taken using iphones. The orientation data has to be stripped out or you take the picture with the iphone in a horizontal position.


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"Resizing" a photo is "editing" a photo, and the editor (resizer) plays with (or removes) the "metadata" buried in the image file.

Except in the case of photos stored in the forum's albums, the forum software does not appear to *change* anything for a simply-attached photo.
But it certainly may believe (or ignore) the metadata (after all, it looks at it for the sizing info).


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