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I learned today that the engine temperature sensor with the replacement thermostat housing. I have yet to need to change out the thermostat, so have no experience.

I also learned that most all replacement units, Wahler, Mehle included, come with a 87C (189F) rating vs the published OEM 90C (195F) rating. A 87C element only (no housing) is available for the T1N Sprinters. The 87C temperature must be ok for our Sprinters.

Next is the thermostat. Got a couple quotes for $60 & $75 but found them online for less? What brand is best for the money and which should I avoid? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
Want to try a thermostat element?

I've not tried this. It is raw information from PM discussion.

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Yep this is the real deal. I compared it with the local parts store assembly I 'ordered' and its a match. You have to compress the spring and kind of turn it + remove a little aluminum crossbar thingy.

Aqua Puttana said:
Interesting site.

Use Mercedes model 903 bus
SPRINTER 3-T Bus (903)

Verify engine:
OM 647.981 Diesel 2685 *should* = NAFTA 2004 - 2006 Sprinter?

TRUCKTEC part number: 02.19.239

OM 647.981 Diesel 2685 .-. 60-130 (82-177) 5

87 C = 189F vs 195F OEM listed for NAFTA (close enough??)

They only list 611 and 646 engines on the Trucktec 02.19.239 thermostat cover page. Still, it's worth trying. It would really be interesting to compare the OEM vs Trucktec side by side to make certain they have similar dimensions, same jiggle valve, etc.


I think youre looking under reference numbers tab. click the engines tab and you will see OM647
:cheers: vic
Wahler replacement (complete housing).
OEM 87 degrees Celsius thermostat assembly, with seal and temperature gauge sensor.

MOPAR 5080146AB
Replaces: 5080146AA

MB 6112000215

Verify any of the above numbers prior to placing an order.

:cheers: vic

An inexpensive Wahler element swap possibility. Maybe find on closeout
87 degree celcius Mercedes earlier models SLK230, C230.
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i replaced mine back in sept, also used this one:
she def runs a bit warmer now (UP from 189, but still just about 195 on the gauge), BUT heats up quicker too = a good thing winter time..

will be interesting to see the implications in summer wx (like at 100degF) going up into parleys cyn (up to the lake/jordanelle)


In Europe there are 3 temperature versions IIRC:
85C (Sprinter), 88C (Jeep) and 92C (C/E/ML/S class).

Aqua Puttana

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In Europe there are 3 temperature versions IIRC:
85C (Sprinter), 88C (Jeep) and 92C (C/E/ML/S class).
Thanks for the input.

Our OEM factory 90C rating may relate to meeting the N. American emissions control requirements.

:cheers: vic

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