Water Level Sensor Upgrade


About 6 months ago I added a Simarine Pico system to my RV (2013 Thor Siesta 24SA). Yesterday I added an inclinometer and today I am working on pressure gauges for my holding tanks. Here is where I am running into a little problem The sensors have a +12v input, tanks sensor input, and a common. On the black water tank, I can use the white for common, brown for the tank sensor input but the +12vdc is perplexing. Does anyone have an idea where I could tap into +12vdc under the sprinter on the harness? I want it to be on the house batteries and not the chassis battery. There are a ton of wire under there and I know enough about electricity to get me killed, literally, lol.

Any thoughts on which wire I could grab +12vdc off of? I have several schematics, but it hasn't helped me.




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I am by no means an expert but if I understand your question correctly and you are just looking for a 12v positive wire to tap. You can trace wires from a known 12v item that works off the house battery and see if any of those go close to where you need and just run the wire from that item. To help with trouble shooting failures down the road it would be better to run your wire from the battery or from a 12v power distribution block. Make sure you wire has the proper fuse.

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