Turbo fins and oil infiltration condition. Need new?


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Turbo from my 2006 2500 with 387k miles. Do you think I should replace this turbo with a new one, according to the condition of these fins and according to the oil infiltration In the compressor side? Pictures attached. I am about 50/50 on this. It works fine but could work better...




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It’s certainly seen better days... the condition of the oil seal would worry me more than the evidence of fin damage.
Will the van out-live it? If yes, and budget allows, I’d replace the turbo and sleep better that a failed turbo seal isn’t going to kill the engine (though that’s said to be pretty rare in Sprinters)
But if the body and running gear are failing, the turbo may outlive them and not be a priority?


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The fins are worn by abrasion. There must be, or at some time had been unfiltered air getting into the engine air supply. The unfiltered air contains sand, etc. which act like a sandblaster. Carefully check the air filter and air filter box for problems. You should inspect and clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor at the outlet of the air filter box.

The turbo charger could run for many more miles in its present condition, but the wear on the edges, and the extra space between the blades and scroll cage mean that the efficiency is reduced. How much? :idunno: Not likely enough to be noticed during normal driving, but likely noticeable when trying to climb a steep grade with a heavy loaded Sprinter.

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