Air leak injector learn.


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Hi all,
First time posting so bare with me.
I had an injector go Just before Christmas. I’ve had all 4 replaced and my question is do the injectors need to be learnt on a star machine or do they just need to be coded? Basically ever since the new injectors have been installed the engine runs as I can only describe as “rough” at around 2000/2500 rpm and there’s a loss of power as well as a aggressive vibration/rumble which I can feel through the steering wheel as well as the rest of the van. I’ve had the egr off cleaned it all out as it was gunked up but is working fine now, I’ve had a new dpf installed nearly every sensor you can think of replaced but it’s still running “rough”. When I’m accelerating I can hear a hissing noise from what sounds like the passenger side of the engine. There no codes stored on the ecu and now I’m starting to lose my patience!!! Could it be a simple air leak?

Mercedes Sprinter 313 2010 reg

Any help much appreciated.

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