UK purchased 2015 210cdi oil overfil light issue


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Hi guys

I purchased a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 210cdi wheelchair accessible van from the UK with only 10500 km on the Odometer for $35000 AUD to allow me to drive from my wheelchair and imported it into Sydney and got it engineered only for the overfilled oil light to now come on after driving it for about 20 minutes it says reduce oil level, I took it to my mechanic and had him replace the oil and oil filter, hoping it would fix the issue, but sure enough it is back

I plugged in a scanner, and it shows no faults, has anyone experienced this and can anyone give me some advice, I live in western Sydney, the local Mercedes dealer at Huntingwood wants to charge $180 just to look at it. Heres a picture of what comes up on the dash.

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UK 2004 T1N 313CDi

Get your mechanic to drain or siphon half a litre out and see what happens. He has most likely set the level to MAX when cold and as the oil warms the level rises.


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