Free T1N Maintenance Schedule!


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Hey Guys!

Dodge has a Maintenance Schedule.
Frieghtliner has a Maintenance Schedule.
Mercedes has a Maintenance Schedule.

Which one do you follow??:idunno:

I have researched and compiled all of them to come up with ONE SCHEDULE that you can follow.
This schedule also takes into account things that I have learned along the way as a Sprinter Mechanic that the Manufacturers didn't account for such as :rad: BLACK DEATH PREVENTION.:rad:


All you have to do is subscribe to my website You'll be notified as I add new listings for:
*New Parts
*Parts Kits
*Used Parts
*Sprinter Specific Tools
*Sprinter Supplies
*Million Mile Sprinter SWAG (Shirts, stickers, and other cool stuff!)
*Exclusive Sprinter Repair Videos
*Interviews with Sprinter and Vanlife Experts
and last but not least

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved and best of all, ITS FREE! :cheers:

So head on over to , scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up. Your Maintenance schedule will arrive in your email inbox shortly. While you are there, check out all the awesome kits I have put together for you and other things you can only get at!
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Hey Joel,

Your link here is malformed and directs to an error. (Out of the three it is of course the one I clicked. and I thought your site was down!)
Looking forward to stopping by in PA with my '06 2500 T1N once I get her back on the road in two weeks. How far in advance should I contact you to setup a meeting?

Shes got 150k miles and no documented history at all. I've put about 2k miles since purchase, already replaced the alternator as it was killed by leaking oil.. (also did serpentine belt while in there). Making sure she is mechanically sound is my first step before I invest a bunch into a build and batteries.



Formerly Type2Teach
Thank YOU! I deleted the link in the original posting, so no more issues there.
Right now I'm scheduling people a month or two in advance for bigger jobs like the MMS Bulletproof Package but I save room in the week for emergency jobs too. Send me an email and we can find a time that works for both of us. Looking forward to meeting you and your Sprinter!


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I just signed up on your website. I'm interested in the maintenance schedule for a T1N. Thanks.

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