g24 inside measurements


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Hi Everyone,
First time post here. We bought a G24 last year to live in during the summers when we return home after the school year in Thailand. We have a toddler and are trying to figure out where to have his bed in the van. I don't have my van here with us so can't take any measurements, so am asking the community to see if I can get a little help. If anyone has a tape measure and easy access to their van, this would help a bunch.

1) How high is the dinette bench seat off the ground?
2) What is the distance/width between the dinette bench seat and the front drivers seat (I know the seat sticks out further than the base)?
3) With both captains chairs turned inward toward each other, what is the distance between each of the seat backrests?

We are thinking about a few different platform or tubular hanging options, but not sure yet due to not knowing exactly what dimensions we're working with.


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