Sprinter Headliner Shelf Alternative for 2019 vans


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Hey guys,

Some of you might already be familiar with the DIY Headliner Shelf Kit that we've been actively working on. I'm here to let you know that the 2019+ model is now available for purchase on the vancillary website, with an estimated stock date of March 27th.

Included in the kit are CAD drawings to have the shelf manufactured and powder coated in your local community. This cuts out the huge shipping cost and large margin being earned by an upfitter companies. We ship the necessary hardware for mounting, brackets and fasteners, to you for final assembly. Customers have asked for a 1:1 scale paper template to skip the sheet metal shop entirely and cut it on their own out of plywood - we are now offering this as well.

Users who are having their shelf professionally made can get a head start on the fabrication process (1-2 weeks), and expect the bracket kits to ship near the end of the month. Users going the DIY route with the bracket kit + paper template will have to wait for both items at the estimated stock date.

I'm not sure how many of you have received your custom 2019 vans... any? Sorry if i'm rubbing it in. Hope it's soon - good luck and happy building!


Covered mine with fabric and it looks and feels great

Joanne Fabrics ITEM # 16520314
Richloom Studio Multi Purpose Fabric Wooly Graphite


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