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I have a 2005 sprinter and the pump leaked on startup during a 10degreef cold snap about a month ago did not drive it, I pivoted the radiator and removed the fan,and all of the pump bolts were loose, not the hold down bolts. I re-torqued with locktite, and all was well in relatively warm GA, until I drove up north, the headlights were noticeably flickering as the temp went below 32f, turns out fuel was getting in the alternator or brushes, causing regulator problems and down to 8f. Even heating up the pump,to very warm with an heater at night it still leaked at idle(fuel tank still 16f) until I got back to warmer temps(filled with warmer fuel) and the leaking stopped. This engine has 30012thousand on it, should the pump be replaced, or is a rebuild a good bet?
Runs fine, and the mileage is only slightly effected, can't ell how much it leaked when driving.
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I removed my leaking fuel pump and found that most of the bolts only accessible from the back side of it were loose. I removed them, cleaned the male and female threads really well with solvent (probably used acetone) and compressed air, then red loctite + torqued up again. No problems since. Any chance your threads were covered in diesel when you applied the loctite? I think it's worth checking if they came loose again before you order a new pump, be it new or rebuilt, since loose bolts seems the most common fuel leak cause.


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I just am not sure that enough time has passed for the bolts to come loose, and has surely leaked for several hours of running, possibly eroding the mating surfaces of the pump. The question I have, is a 30020K Pump still serviceable, or is is tired by mileage alone.
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As to service life, the HP fuel pumps are known to last many multiple 100's of thousand miles. They don't wear out easily. Poor quality fuel or mis-fueling could affect the expected service life.

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300,000 is in the range for the bolts coming loose.


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I've seen the bolts come out the back to the point of a leak as low as 150k miles. I've even seen it on a pump that was previously tightened, but loctite wasn't used on the threads.

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