European style tail lights


Has anyone used these?

I saw them once in real actual life and I'm thinking about replacing mine with a set, as my right is kinda toast and taking on water. Any reliability issues? Like the look? Hate the look?

It's the same price for two of those as it is for one new OEM style lens; while I ain't exactly collecting social security I am old enough to know that you get what you pay for, just thinking this may be one of those rare occasions where it's OK to get two for the price of one...


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Use the Search function for "european tail" ... there may be issues due to the different lamp positions and socketing.
(i vaguely recall "interesting" (not *quite* "horror") stories of folks trying to adapt them to US Sprinters.)
...bad memory on my part...
I don't recall if they succeeded in fitting them.

update: This thread discusses them (as a side-line from the headlight problems)
*and* they seem to have worked!
(read to at least msg #38)

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Searching doesn't return much, and I think it'd be nice to have some info documented under a thread with a title that reflects the subject. Thank you for the reply Dick, I'm just not seeing much in that thread that pertains to tail lights, seems to be all headlights. From europarts website:

"Taillight Lenses-Set of Two 2002-2006
Set of two, both left and right, all-red taillight lenses, manufactured in eastern Europe, which are interchangeable with the standard taillights.
Simply transfer your existing bulb holder to the new lens, and use an amber bulb in the lower clear section for the turn signal.
See below for the bulb holders and bulbs, if you do not have them."

Seems like there should be no issue as long as you use an amber bulb for the turn signals, I'm mainly looking for folks that have any experience with fitment/reliability...


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As i said, read down to msg 38, also msg 32 has a caution regarding white aft lights that aren't backup lights (the Euro tail light includes a fog light).
Msg 4 was the first post i found (after searching) that said "they worked on a US Sprinter", msg 5 was the happy second.

From msg 38:

When dealing with the archives, i can't help that they didn't put "tail lights" in the title (the few that did were like you: seeking info, but without anyone saying they'd done it).



I just installed these. Wasn't hard as after you remove the lamp holder you can easily see the four nuts attached to the studs on the housing itself. I also replaced the clear turn signal bulbs with amber color, to retain orange turn signal lighting.


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