Rear heater blower/assembly


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I have a 08 dodge sprinter passenger van, 144' high roof (just starting my conversion).

The rear heater blower isn't working, and I've just started looking into the problem.

I removed the plastic vent covers and looked into the assembly from within the van and noticed that the entire rear heater assembly appears to be half full of antifreeze. I take it that this isn't supposed to be like this and that likely the heater core has a leak, filled the assembly with antifreeze, which submerged the fan and burnt it out? Just speculating at this point, but was hoping someone with more experience could confirm.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know (or know where to find) the part numbers for the rear heater core and blower fan?

I managed to dig up this image which looks similar but I believe this is from an older model sprinter.

Anyways total sprinter rookie here any input would be helpful.

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