Lower Radiator Hose Heater/Block Heater


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Sub zero temps lately with my 2008 Dodge Sprinter (V6, 3L engine)....kinda the story across the nation it seems! Anyway, I stuck a silicone oil pan heater on recently and it seems to help. Wondering if an in line radiator hose heater would be a good addition? I’m thinking for the cheap fix, it can’t hurt. :idunno: I bought the 1.5” Zerostart radiator hose heater. Before I cut into the hose, I want to verify the diameter of the inside of that hose. It’s 8.5” circumference around the outside. Has anyone out there put this on their Sprinter? Seems every Sprinter mechanic out there has their own take on the best fix, so I’m looking for majority vote!

Sorry if this is already posted. I’ve looked around and haven’t found the thread. Thanks!

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