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I never went ice fishing. A friend in Madison, WI offered, so I went this weekend. It went as about expected - zero fish.

We fished on Lakes Waubesa and Monona. Below is hiking on Monono, looking north to the isthmus.

Can't see much in the snow storm

This is the view that we would have had from above if it had been clear

Only in Madison - biking in the snow carrying your daughter, sled and toboggan. My van is in the background

After a cold day, how about 6 pounds of peanut butter?
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I spent over 15 years fishing on ice during my Minnesota youth. Seldom enjoyed it because I was always cold. But my Dad insisted we do it every weekend. I think it was really a ploy by my Mom to get me and my three brothers out of the house.:lol:


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I never went ice fishing. A friend in Madison, WI offered, so I went this weekend. It went as about expected - zero fish.

Ice fishing always has had about as much appeal to me as winter motorcycling. :idunno:
Good excuse to consume intoxicants and engage in extended bull$hit sessions, though.:popcorn:

Too bad you caught nothing. At least a good supper would have mitigated the discomfort.

Did you take your Sprinter over there?


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I’ve lived in Minnesota 49 years, ice is still on the lakes this April, my backyard is adjoins a 3,700 acre park with 10 fishing lakes. Safe to say I’ve never succumbed to ice fishing.


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When you are surrounded by lakes and fishing it all seems like no big deal.

In CA, which is more or less a desert with an occasional river or dammed up reservoir, having a lake in the back yard is a luxury.

When I did a lot of travelling to MN, I actually had an out of state fishing license and stored a pole / tackle there for winding down after work.


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Last time a catfish sting on my index finger. And it's really painful. I don't know who among you has faced this such a terrible experience:cry:


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Seems an appropriate spot to post a "story". It originally targetted a denizen of a particular piece of geography, but to keep it PC, let's say a Transit driver (sorry Graphite) was ice fishing, and as he was augering a hole in the ice, a voice came from above, "there are no fish there". He thinks, well fine, and moves a ways down. Same thing, starts the hole, and again the voice. On the third try, he looks up, and says "is that God?". Answer, "No, the arena manager."

Good fishing.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
No, that's the definition of fishing.


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My brother in Minnesota just got a “Snowdog” for ice fishing. He normally hauled his gear and portable fish house on the lake by hand. But that is getting more difficult as he has passed retirement age. A pretty neat device.


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