Wiper fuse #6 keeps blowing

Dan Rosenthal

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I’m new to this thread but I’m blowing fuse # 6. I disconnected wiper power and the directionals work and it doesn’t blow a fuse. I disconnected wiper linkage from motor and it still blows #6 fuse. I’m not really mechanically inclined but I’m guessing it’s either a short or I need to replace multi functional system? The hazard lights are working. Thanks for your help!


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What model yr do you have?
Check for worn wires to wiper motor or corroded connections, fuse box short etc or replace motor if they are good.


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Since it's fuse #6, it's probably a T1N ...

As Vic said, it could be the switch, but it could also be the Fuse Box itself (a conducting bar loose, or the 'intermittent' circuitry), it could be the relay or relay socket (at the bottom of the fuse box), it could be the wiper motor.

I'd start by unplugging the relay, then the motor to see if the fuse still blows... (that's two tests, put the relay back in for the motor test)

The wiring involved is drawn in section 8W-53 of the 2006 service manual.


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