How to remove the rear door panel and inner handle

Nearly everything aft of the cab is supposed to be the same from the NCV3 to the VS30 but one thing isn't: how to remove the rear door inner handle so you can get the panel off. So here's a write-up after figuring it out on my 2019 144.

My van has the cargo panels option in the entire interior but I assume the rear door panel is the same for all. The panel is held in place with those plastic thingys you pop out with a trim panel remover tool. But the panel can't be removed without removing the door handle.

The new handle is a solid unit, the trim part you see is not separate. Here's how you get if off:

1) Remove all the panel trim clips

2) Rotate the panel 90 degrees and push it upwards until you get a gap at the top of the door handle unit (sorry, no pic)

3) Right in the middle of the unit is a small lever that you push or pull so you can slide the whole door handle unit to the left and then it pops out (see pic)

4) That's it, you're done. Do the opposite to re-install.

Hope this helps someone.



Kudos for taking the time to write up a simple and effective 'how to' post....WITH PICS AND A RED ARROW. :clapping:

Here's to hoping more folks take the time to author posts like this.

Well done! :cheers:


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Very helpful, you just saved me much grief and doubtless prevented me from breaking some trim. Many thanks.

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