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ummm... yeah, that's what i see if i go to that address (although it's a black screen with a white (-) symbol)

Crap. I was trying to link to a photo on Google photos but it's not seeming to work. It shows up on my screen but if I look at it on my phone I get the big blank just like everyone else is seeing. Back to the drawing board


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This can be done, but it’s a convoluted process. I can detail how I managed it if you wish. Google apparently doesn’t want to make this easy. :idunno:
I would appreciate it if you could provide some insight. If google photos is difficult to use, is Flickr any easier? I'm drawing a blank on how to make it work. I see other folks using Flickr but I'm missing something apparently. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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First thing to do is click on the "Go Advanced" button. From there, you can click the paper clip icon and upload the photo directly to the boards from your computer or from your phone. Skip all of the various photo sharing sites with their varying degrees of difficulty of linking to photos.

If you insist on using a photo sharing site, you need to figure out a web address that goes directly to the photo, with no html or other wrappers around it. You'll know when you have the right address when the end of the address looks like /photoname.jpg . Going this route, don't use the Insert Link button (it's a globe with a chain link in front of it). Instead, use the Insert Image button (a yellow square with a couple of grey bumps at the bottom - mountains - and a grey dot - the sun or moon - in the upper right)




Get the URL of a Flickr photo
Click on the photo you want to share to open it.
Click the Download icon .
Click View all sizes.
Select the size of photo you want.
Right-click the image. | select Copy image URL.

I have struggled to display images here too, even following the flickr guide above, I manage to acquire the .jpg, but still won't display.

Below is adding the file as mentioned above previous post. Download, then attach to your post. Still won't display, I feel the forum software needs to be updated, or at least software renewed.


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Still won't display, I feel the forum software needs to be updated, or at least software renewed.
The attached file displays just fine for me. You got a bit of snow there!

There is a user setting in the forum to block the display of embedded images. That is so people on slower internet connections don't have to wait a long time for images to download. They can read the forum without images, and choose which images to actually download and view.


Ah, I didn't know that, I will check my forum settings now.


That works now :)
One more test for a picture from Flickr, following the instructions Mickyfin laid out

Thank you to all for your help, I think I have this figured out now :) Appreciate the patience with the new guy.


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And a test of an upload to the forum following the instructions ptheland laid out
; go to paper clip and then click the photo address to set the image free-of the [Attached Image:]


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The problem with the Google photo is that, although the URL appeared to point to a .JPG file, it really was an actively-served "page" (with active shink/expand buttons, etc).
And the forum IMG tag (what the 'postcard' icon inserts) can't deal with that.
(the "link" icon does (URL markup), but it doesn't present the actual image in-line in your posting)

What i do varies depending upon circumstance ... i usually take the photo and then resize it on my PC before posting it as a "paperclip" icon attachment (illustrated instructions here and here ). The advantage of such an 'attachment' is that the forum doesn't lose the picture if your remote (like a Google picture) account goes away.

My (up til last week when it croaked) old Samsung Galaxy Note II phone offered to resize images when i emailed them to myself (easiest way to move one or two images to the PC). My new (Oreo 8.1 on an LG Stylo 4) phone doesn't offer that, so i've installed the Photo Resizer app from Play, which makes it simple.

Another disadvantage of simply linking to a remote (non-attached) photo is that it can be HUGE ... which pushes the forum buttons way off the screen (and may make it fundamentally useless for conveying whatever you're trying to show). In thread-critical cases, i'll frequently grab the photo, resize it, and re-post it to the same thread in a more "reader friendly" size (900 pixels wide ... or less).


Just making sure I still knew how to do this!

Picture is from my drive up the Alaska Highway near the YT/AK border earlier this month.

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