NCV3: 2006-2018 Mercedes Sprinter 2017 4x4 High Rooftop for Sale! (CO)

Looking to escape the 9-5? Explore the gracious lands of America, all the while living comfortably on the go? LOOK NO FURTHER! This was my personal project that I pursued. Purchasing a new, Mercedes Sprinter that was my empty canvas, and made it into the tiny home of my dreams. The project has taken me 3 months of careful planning and building, to every detail that makes my home on wheels safe, comfortable and welcoming. I have currently been on the road for a year, logging only 23,000 miles, while creating memories. Made friends and having an unforgettable journey across North America. However, my journey has come to an end, as a new opportunity has presented itself.

The van you see here is made from passion, careful planning towards making a beautiful modern design. What makes this van unique from other vans is installing minimal windows, for great insulation within the van keeping it to the temperature of your desire. The van gives off the extra length with its 170 WB, of its 23 ft long body, including lots of head-room of 6 ft clearance. You won't ever have to worry about charging your van (and I mean ever!) With an alternator linked from the engine of your van to the 2,000 W Inverter installed keeps all electronics running. Or if you're camping at one location for a few days, take the worry out of lining up to an outlet, with 400 W of solar panels mounted to the room of your van. Those are just a few of the many features added to the ultimate getaway van. Please see below to see what is included in your future getaway van!

Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: 2017 Sprinter 4x4
Size: 170 WB with a High Roof Top (approx. 23 ft long and 9 ft high)
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage: 23,000 miles (*currently, subject to change over time)
Tire Tread: 45% of the tire left (best guess estimate - 16,000 miles)
Last Maintenance: August 2018
Price: $75,000

What it includes?:
-25 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
-25 Gallon Grey Water Tank
-Liquid Propane Water Heater
-125 PSI Water Pump
-Two Burner Stove (Propane) with Sink
-ARB 50 Liter Fridge (Runs on 12/24 V DC)
-Pullout High Bed
-Tons of storage!
-400 W Solar Panels with 2,000 W Batteries
-Built in Shower with beautiful glass tile and an Outdoor Shower outlet
-24" Flatscreen TV
- 2 MaxxAir Deluxe Fans
-High-Security Safe located in the closet
-Engine Altenator (charges your solar powered batteries as you drive)

*UPDATE 1/11/19*
Q:How many people can you fit in the van?
A: The van was built for 2 PEOPLE ONLY, also the option of bringing a pet (depending on the size of the animal you're bringing with you).

Q: Where is the water tank located?
A: The Fresh Water tank is located inside, under the bed. The Grey Water tank is located underneath the sink and shower, outside of the van.

Q: Does the van come equipped with an A/C unit?
A: There is NO A/C UNIT in the van for heat or cold. I used the two fans to circulate the air flow within the fan. I also used a propane heater to heat the van, and the insulation warms the van within 25 min.

Q: What's underneath the bed?
A: What I call "The Garage" Two over-head shelves, 25 Gal Fresh Water Tank, Battery box for the Solar Panels, 6 Gal. Water Heater, Propane Tank, and a Shurflo Water Pump.

Q: Can I fit multiple bikes in the back?
A: Unfortunately, the van was designed to not fit bikes in the back. You can only fit 1 bike in the back (front wheel removed).

Q: What is the gas mileage of the van?
A: Usually between 16-18 mpg (city). I get around 325 miles on a single tank. Filling up the tank roughly cost me $55-65.

The photos really don't do it justice until you see it for yourself and the craftsmanship that went into building the van. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


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