Monstaliner bed liner


I have some unused monstaliner left over from my bed liner job. Would like to sell this all together. I would like $200 shipped or ideally I can drop it off to you for $150. I am leaving DFW area tomorrow and will be taking the 10 out to LA. Willing to meet. Retail prices listed. Shipping is another 30-50 on top of that.

1 gallon kit includes roller kit $154
2 tints $30 each; desert sand and jeep spice
Extra rollers and masking tape $30
Duplicolor bed liner Spray gun $50



2006 2500 158"WB SHC
Having used this product, would you recommend it as something I could attempt "rolling on" -- all that is available to me is the side of a street and no weather coverage.
I'm thinking most about the cracks under the windows and places the roller doesn't access.

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