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I have a 2016 MB 2500 Cargo Van.
My driver’s side low beam was out so I replaced the bulb and still NO Light!!
The old bulb was still good as well so the problem has to be something else.
I looked for headlight fuses in my Fuse Allocation Supplement but didn’t find
any fuses for the headlights.
Are there any fuses for the headlights?
Are there relays? Can anyone offer some advice or experience for this problem??
I’ve tried searching the forums but so far no luck.
A Google search directs me to some posts in the forums, but for much older Sprinters.
Nothing close to my year/ model. I’ve got to get this fixed soon before my inspection
sticker expires in 4 weeks so I can pass and get a new sticker.
Any help would be much appreciated!!


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2007 service manual:

Full MB wiring diagram for the 2007 (which will be close to yours):

3rd party 2007 wiring diagram:
The (US: left) driver's side headlamp unit is on page 8w-50-5 (assuming you're not Xenon lamps), 8w-50-7 for Xenon.

The Body Control Module is also shown in section 8w-45

There does not appear to be a fuse (or identified relay in section 8w-11) that controls only the left low beam.

Check the headlamp unit itself (or the bulb connector) for +12v appearing when you expect it, *and* that the ground (brown wire) actually connects to the frame (i.e. near-zero ohms with an ohmmeter)



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My 2013 fuse supplement shows relay 10 (under the driver's seat) controlling the left side low beams. (11 is the right side low beams, 12 is the left high beam, and 13 the right high beam). Things might be different for 2016, but probably not.


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Thank you so much!!
I feel like an idiot!! Relays 10,110,12,13 are exactly what you said they are.
In my fuse pamphlet it says “Snow Plow relay, low beam headlamps, left”
Somehow, although reading it over and over, I got thrown off by “Snow Plow”
Thinking of those plow units with the lights in one assembly.
But no, it is clearly marked separately for the low beams and I just missed it every time.
I’ll check with my meter to see if any power is coming out of the relay and I will also check the brown ground wire.
Thanks again!! I will post the results when I get it fixed.

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