2002 311 Semi-High Roof. Where would you look for replacement rear doors? (based NL)

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A few years my rear doors were crowbar'd in Greece. I was most annoyed that they did so much damage and still failed to get in.. i lock my keys inside all the time, its not hard and the damage was unnecessary. bloody idiots.

I stuck a chunky lock on the back, which i recommend to everyone as it looks like you can't break in now so you don't get randoms messing with your doors. I've always missed being able to open my doors from the inside though, and thought i'd have a look around.

Ebay is pretty barren, with the doors there between e350 and e650. Where would you guys look for replacement doors and how much would you expect to pay for them?

Andy at Focallocal

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or maybe i'll just make a lockable port that i can reach my hand through. it's not a nice as having good rear doors though.


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You could try Erith Commercials,if they don't have any Im sure they could direct you to them they are big in exports and spares.


There's usually a few on eBay UK. Plenty of companies convert sprinters into buses, fridge vans, armoured vans etc. I got some for £140, they were removed from an ice cream van conversion.
If not try googling Dronsfield breakers. They are Merc. breakers.

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