Low beam problems


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Hey Everyone-
I have a 2016 Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van. This is my first problem and my first attempt to get some advice as a new member
I hope this is the way to do it!
My drivers side low beam was out so I replaced it : but no light!
Turned out there was nothing wrong with the old bulb.
I don’t see any “Headlight” fuse/fuses and I’ve read my ‘Fuse Allocation Supplement’ a few times already. Are there fuses/ relays for the left and right sides??
What’s the usual fix? Or the next step?
This must be a common problem but after reading some of the other forums I didn’t see any concrete definitive answers
Can someone advise me here ? Or direct me to a post with the information I need, I would really appreciate it!!
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