The choice: Diesel vs Gas


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You’re right. Troll through and through. And delusional to boot.

Over and out.
I should have know better -- feeding the troll with facts just makes the troll change his statements so he is always right.

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Any updates on the gas-powered Sprinters? Anyone seen one or taken delivery of one yet? Any recent rumors out there about the engine itself?

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The Sprinter 3.0 diesel was rated at 188 horsepower last year. This year, they are now calling it 190 horsepower.

Mercedes rates the M274 gas engine at up to 241 horsepower in other applications. But when offered as a $7,000 less-expensive Sprinter engine, they're now claiming that it only makes 190 horsepower.

I'm calling shenanigans- marketing shenanigans. Mercedes doesn't want to lose sales on the diesel engine that is slower, won't save you any money on fuel, and sells for $7,000 more.
In Canada, the price difference is CA$4,200
Does anyone know how MB is lowering the power on Metris motor? Is it timing? Tuning? Reducing Turbo pressure? Or a little of all? Would be nice not to have to buy premium. I'm sure business bottom lines would like this.
At my local independent shop, always lots of BMW's major work, lot fewer Mercedes. And I am the only Metris they have seen (to install AMG Wheels -look fantastic). I asked why so many relatively newer BMWs?? Lots of turbo failures $7K if not caught in time destroys catalytic converter and mufflers. Only 1-2 Mercedes turbos per year. Their opinion BMW too high of pressure 30psi to squeeze out every horsepower. BMW's going through turbos every 30-40K miles. Mercedes rare turbo issue, but MB like the Metris only 9psi.


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Get a Ford Gas engine. My 2014 Winnebago View w/Sp;rinter chassis is a nightmare. The Engine runs fine and also the transmission is good. The emissions system was Designed my a Nazi German engineer trying to get even. Just returned from a 11,000 mile trip to Alaska towing a Honda Crv. Just before Calgary Alberta lights on dash ABS, BAS, and a picture of a tire. I can beat any car stopping distance without ABS

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