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Interesting post #36669 from YahooSprinterVan by Sprinter expert Andy Bittenbinder

Re: replacing brake fluid

Brake fluid is often neglected by owners and dealers alike. I am
amazed at the number of Sprinter owners who tell me their dealers are
reluctant to perform this important procedure or ignorant of what is
actually involved. The ABS components are VERY expensive(think
warranty!) and vulnerable to damage. Old brake fluid has a
significantly lowered boiling point(because of moisture) which can
result in fluid boil and loss of braking under severe conditions. The
brake fluid flush procedure requires the use of the DRBIII diagnostic
tool to COMPLETELY flush old fluid.
The DRBIII menu allows cycling of
the ABS pump which purges fluid that conventional pressure bleeding
alone will NOT access. This is typical of most modern European
vehicles with sophisticated ABS systems. Andy
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if you have 2500/3500 Production dats Jan 28 2006 to March 2006
its under recall for brake flush.says they have to use 20 bottles
of brake fluid to flush it

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