Tasmanian Police Sprinter 4X4


2012 NCV3 3500
Love that bumper!

Eric Experience

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Looks like a good unit, If you find vibration When you drive it don't panic it can be easily fixed. let us know how it drives. Eric.


Thanks Eric, it was delivered this afternoon but haven't had a chance to drive it yet as I was too busy trying to find someone willing to insure it.
Ended up going with Shannons as the others I tried could only find the 2wd in there system so was told they either couldn't insure it or would only insure it for third party.
One even ask her superior who said they put it in the same catorary as a grey import.
I had an private imported toyota hiace 4x4 before this and had the same problem, but went with CIL cause it was a camper.


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I have a 2014 319 4 x 4 I bought brand new, and have it insured with NRMA, for a good price.
You may want to give them a try!


Thanks tried racq which I think is same but qld because I'm a member but was told cause they couldn't find my model in there system they couldn't insure it
Ended up with Shannons as those that would insure only offered low payout compared to what they cost to replace

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