Headlight Lense Deterioration


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Preparing the van for my next trip, I noticed that the plastic lens for both headlights are showing star patterns. They are all located in near the main focal point of the headlights, so I am wondering if it is heat or wavelength related. It is not lens fracture from trauma, as both my lenses are covered with 3M protective film. I have seen older Mercedes in the neighborhood with really bad plastic headlight lens deterioration - but they look foggy and yellow. As can be seen, there is no yellow and seems more crystalline.

Any ideas as to what is going on and prognosis?



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If I read your post correct, it appears the 3M film is de-laminating under expansion and contraction, as to heat variations cold hot the film may have a limited life frame before degrading.

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:hmmm: I thinks there's a connection

Head lamp crinkle, with severe circular white discolouration on the bumper

and a toupee makeover:thinking:


Suspect acetone.:professor:
Reminds me of an acid etch wash

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