Trip Report: Arizona to Canada in my first Sprinter road trip.


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I don't recall the width-There standard MB wheels

Reason I was asking motobueno, was that I went to the yoko tyre site link you pasted and the minimum rim widths for the open country tyres is 7 inches and my 2002 rims are 6.5 inch and then I checked the specs for the local Sprinter rims and even the 2009 model rims are only 6.5 inches.

Accordingly I would need to get wider rims????



Rollin Rollin Rollin.....

wow great pics glasseye:clapping: i wouldn't be surprised if you were headhunted by Mercedes for pictures for their next sprinter brochure the quality is so good:thumbup: you sold the sprinter to me even though i already have one.:lol:

hey motobueno thats a great looking van you have there.:drool: wait till our gabriel sees those wheels.:lol:



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Those are great pictures. I hope someday I could take such great pictures.
Seems like you took the long way back to BC.


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What settings are you using on your D300 and what sort of Photoshopping are you doing ? The colors seem to be very vivid and the dynamic range seems to be higher than normal ???


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I use every tool available in the photosoftware toolbox. Photoshop (and its competitors) have revolutionized photography.
I use multiple exposures (bracketing) to increase dynamic range and stitching to achieve wide-angle telephoto shots.
The D300s usually work in "aperture priority" mode. I seldom use a tripod, even for HDR work.

I did, indeed take "the long way" home. It's usually better than the short way. Interstates are like food at McDonalds. Not so much a meal as a solution to a problem.

Glad you like the images. That's why I do 'em. : )


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So are those multiple exposure HDR images ? Or single shots with a different color curve ?

I shoot with a 40D.


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Most are straight shots, not HDR. The "Four Star Hotel" one and the Beartooth Pass shot are HDR. The wide ones are generally two images, stitched.


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