Aux Heater Exhaust Replacement

2006 T1N; Aux heater behind LH headlamp. My flexible exhaust is broken and in need of replacement. I looked in shop manual and couldn't find anything there.

What is the basic process to replace this SS hose between the heater and muffler?



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Re: Aux Header Exhaust

Flex metal electric conduit may fit. Factory exhaust and muffler is all one piece. But there's no reason you couldn't cut off the damaged flex section and install any appropriated piece of metal tubing. It is held on with a clamp around the heaters outlet tube.

It can be changed with the heater installed.
I've had my T1N since 40k miles, 3 years old. It's always had that silver accordion flex tubing running to the muffler in the LF wheel well.

Is the clamp at the heater outlet accessed after removing the LF headlamp? Or from the wheel well?

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My recollection is that there is one MB OEM fastener on the Eberspacher exhaust pipe. I removed that fastener one time and never re-installed it even with subsequent R&R repairs of the heater. Once in place the flex pipe stays up in position where it is needed. It isn't like there is any exhaust pressure to speak of. A snug flex pipe on the exhaust shouldn't need any clamps or fasteners.

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