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2004 T1N Westfalia
(Resigned up here as forgot my original name and password. Wanted to post this info--already posted on Yahoo Sprintervan, Westfalia, and View/Navion groups).

Dr. A (Andy Bittenbinder (412-366-6165)) near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania posts frequently here and is a significant contributing expert on the Yahoo Sprintervan group. He is an engineer, trained at the Porsche facility in Germany, worked for many years to retrofit European gray market vehicles to comply with US standards, works on Porsches (classic and race) and Sprinters. He has his own home-based Shop and Global Sprinter Research Center where he opens his shop for Sprinter service, etc. He owns a Sprinter 2500 passenger van, a custom-made pop-up Sprinter 2500 camper (he did the work; installed a VW pop-up; installed a Westfalia anti-sway
bar in rear), and a custom crew cab Sprinter truck (he's converting from a
wrecked Sprinter).

He has the full Sprinter computer and can run a check of every module on the
Sprinter. He has developed his own tools not available at dealers to remove
seized fuel injectors (black death--otherwise a really expensive repair) and is
planning to import additional specialized tools only available in Europe to deal
with seized glow plugs. He has lots of contacts in Germany/Europe to find out
what's happening with Sprinters, tools not available in U.S. to dealers, and
European-available replacement parts (not available to dealers). Besides
mechanicals, he can also address various body repairs (figured out a way to weld
fixes on rear doors which fragmented around the hinges for a cost of several
hundred dollars versus the dealer cost of several thousand dollars to
repair/replace--made an expediter happy).

He does all the work himself or you can do the work under his supervision.
During the winter months, he focuses on rebuilding engines and transmissions
(including analysis of why various engines have failed, including new Sprinter
engines (one with a piston which fell apart; he has 10 Sprinter engines).
Periodically, he'll make road trips and make house calls to Sprinter owners.

He's worked on Views/Navions and Westfalias.

For RV owners, you can plug into a regular plug while there. You can ask for
whatever services you need and your choice of:

(i) watching (he'll tell you everything he's doing and why);
(ii) doing it yourself while he tells you/supervises; or
(iii) let him do it and take a snooze.

A worthwhile check is for him to run through and record every computer
message--a diagnostic computer check. Apparently there's some automatic reset
on some modules which is problematic if the dealer didn't clear the codes--you
don't know when you got the codes. The information will also give you an idea
of the condition of various systems. It took 1/2 an hour for mine--everything
looked good, only a few innocuous messages. But one person had 35 pages worth
of stored code problems so obviously took a lot more time).

His fees are very reasonable--less than dealers, and you know exactly what was
done and why (no worries about what fluids/parts were used or whether work was
necessary or was done). Big thumbs up.

Copied Dr. A's Invitation/Message from Yahoo Sprintervan Group:

Here at the home based Shop and Global Sprinter Research Center I average
about a half dozen, from far far away, Sprinter visitors per month. Some have
become "regulars" who stop by several times a year. All become friends.
> The family and I really enjoy meeting this diverse group of owners, all joined
by the common thread of enthusiastic, sometimes fanatical, pride in Sprinter
ownership. And it goes without saying we really enjoy meeting their Sprinters as
> Many 'first timers' are pleasantly surprised by how informal, enjoyable and
educational a visit to Doktor A's can be.
> So it is especially for you first timers that I am pleased to extend an
invitation to a summer/fall long, SPRINTER SERVICE OPEN HOUSE at Doktor A's.
> The home based Sprinter works is located in Western Pennsylvania (north of
Pittsburgh), just south of the junction of I-79(a north-south Interstate) and
the Pa. Turnpike(also known as I-76, an East-West highway). About 1/2 way
between and not too far from I-70 and I-80.

> Whether you're passing through and need a simple but vitally important
diagnostic trouble code history work-up and documentation- or serious Sprinter
related surgery by Doktor A- just call ahead and let me know when you're
planning to be in the area and what your specific service needs are.
> The Doktor A Sprinter Hotline is 412-366-6165. 864 623-9110 and an address of 500 RC Edwards School Rd. Central SC 29630
> Sprinter campers can enjoy complementary overnight(s) electrical hook-up while
we work and chat. Owners are welcome to participate and learn. Service training
while working is my specialty. Or just relax under the cool shade trees while
your Sprinter receives the service it deserves by a European trained Doktor.
> Non Sprinter campers can be accommodated in a variety of affordable ways if an
extended stay is necessary.
> We look forward to making many new Sprinter friends. Andy (Andreas) and
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2004 T1N Westfalia
Re: Dr. A near Pittsburgh, PA--Thumbs Up

Bumping this up to reflect Dr A has been available year round, even winter, to work on Sprinters, for some time now.

Has indoor heated working space. Probably good idea to call beforehand.
Re: Dr. A near Pittsburgh, PA--Thumbs Up

In looking at other threads I found more recent contact info for Doktor Andy Bittenbinder. 864 623-9110 and an address of 500 RC Edwards School Rd. Central SC 29630
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