Is a Free Spirit SS a "Good Buy"?


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I'm relatively new to RVs and Class Bs. I do not currently own one. I've been casually looking online at Class Bs for several months like Pleasure Way. I then came across the Free Spirit SS. I absolutely love the layout. It reminds me a little of the Unity MB which I also really like but the Unity is too big (cannot park it in my driveway due to HOA rules).

I've looked at RVTrader and seen several 2015 Free Spirit SS for sale.
So the big question is: Is a 2015 Free Spirit SS a good buy? I read numerous post by almost every type of RV owner having issues with their rig. I know the warranty isn't transferable so I that scares me. I would not want to spend $80-90K only to find out the FS is plagued with all kinds of issues that I have to pay out-of-pocket to get fixed.

Another question: Have there been chronic issues with the Free Spirit like the slide or anything else?

So is there any anything else to consider when buying a used Free Spirit?

Thanks in advance.



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Yes, I did see the video.

I know Winnebago makes the Era 70M which is basically a copycat of the the FS. I'm sure it doesn't have the LTV quality but the 2019s are little over $100K which is only $10-15K more than what I'm seeing for the 2015 FS SS. Knowing that, I would rather go "new" with the Era 70M and get a warranty (although it's only 1 year).



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I'm the very satisfied owner of an LTV 2010 Free Spirit, on 2008 Sprinter 2500. Ours is a somewhat older and lighter slideless rig. But LTV is quality. That era of Sprinters have additional emissions systems, that require DEF (diesel emissions fluid); and I've seen numerous cases needing replacement sensors. If you like the layout, want the Sprinter diesel, and the rig is in good shape (owners usually take good care of these RVs), I don't think you can go wrong with a used LTV. Here's a well-written blog review of the FreeSpiritSS. Scroll thru for additional reports.
If you do become an LTV owner and you're on Facebook, considering joining the LTV Enthusiasts Facebook group and the LTV Vintage group (no longer in production)
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We purchased our used 2015 Freespirit SS in late 2016 and been living in it full time since July 2017. We have had no serious issues. We have put almost 40k miles in that time and drive southern Baja to northern Alaska and through 10 states. We have kept up with the Mercedes service scheduled maintenance. And we love it. We have upgraded the suspension to the Agile Off-road package. The lift and more robust suspension were a game changer. They lack enough clearance from LTV. Otherwise awesome and people stop to ask us about it all the time.

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