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Hey y’all. Brand new to the forum.

Background... I just bought a 2012 MB 2500. It got a new transmission at 85,000, and ANOTHER new transmission (under warranty) at 125,000 right before I bought it.

I’ve noticed two curious/troubling issues... feel free to tell me I’m being paranoid and/or she needs another transmission... or worse.

1. Recently I’ve started her up, pretty quickly shifted into reverse or drive, and the rpms crash and she dies. After starting it right back up and letting it warm up a bit, everything is fine. It has been colder lately...

2. In a few separate cases I’ve been driving slowly through a neighborhood in what seems like first gear (or possibly 2nd), at moderate rpms, and I’ve taken my foot off the gas (say, as I approach a stop sign) and the transmission makes a huge lurch (as if I had poorly downshifted shifted a manual transmission). I may have noticed this more often on a downhill.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


For a few dollars more
Check fluid level, proper fluid?
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For a few dollars more
It's important to purchase the proper dip stick for your vehicle. Sailquik (Roger) is the "go to guy" on this topic.

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