What is this connector?


ambient air temp sensor.
it 'plugs into' a hole somewhere behind the bumper cover, immed aft of the lic plate holder


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It fits into a hole in your front bumper, behind the license plate fascia.




2004 140” SHC T1N 2500
Limp Home Mode.
Faulty ambient air temp readings can confuse the engine control module’s fuel calculation, so it may panic and reduce power.

Leaky boost hoses; bad MAF sensor; stuck EGR valve; bad MAP sensor; bad O2 sensor; ... and may result in loss of boost, imposed rpm limits, or a crank no-start event. Transmission faults like a bad shaft speed sensor reading or wheel speed sensor can lock the transmission down to 2nd/N/R/P The good news is the control modules store DTCs when thes events occur, and will share them if you ask nicely. :cheers:


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