Blown fuse on cargo lights?


'05 2500 140 High Top
Hey everyone,

While removing one of the cargo lights (middle, port side) that was switched on, part of the light touched the metal frame and I think I blew a fuse. The tail lights no longer work either. Anyone know what happened and how to fix it? The fuses under the seat looked OK, but I'm not sure where else to look.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Assuming OEM lights.

Check FB#1 under the steering column.



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Anyone know what happened?
I did the same thing. The clips that hold the bulb are just exposed metal that's part of the circuit, so if you remove the fixture and any part of that metal touches the body panel, it shorts to ground and blows the fuse. You'll find a blown fuse in FB#1 as others have already indicated.

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