Oil dripping from Alloy Resonator


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2005 T1N, OM647, 199xxx miles.

Blew hole in the turbo hose from resonator to intercooler a few months ago and replaced it, decided to put in the aluminum resonator that I bought for that inevitable time.

Was underneath the van replacing the tensioner/belt and noticed some thin oil all around the resonator, its mount, and associated items in close proximity. Main seep appears to be where the resonator goes into the turbo.

Has anyone had issues reusing the o-ring at that junction? Or found that a larger diameter/thicker one is needed? I did check the hose clamps from the hose replacement, and it does not appear to be migrating upwards from that point. I did re-use hose clamps as well.

Quality issues with non-"name-brand" alloy resonators? I got this one off eBay after tracking the feedback of customers who had purchased, seemed ok.

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My recollection is that the dimensions of the mounting arm are critical to the seal working properly. That said, seals don't last forever. If the oil is coming from the area of the seal I would first change the seal.

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The resonator O-rings get a flat side. Replacement may be called for. The O-ring/resonator should be a firm fit, requiring 10lbs or more force to seat in the turbo outlet.


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On seals like this I like to use some loctite 518 on the O rings and mating surfaces. It won't cure outside of the narrow space between the metal flanges, and is resistant to oil etc.

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