Strange noise when stopping and missing coolant


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I have a 2013 Sprinter 2500 passenger. It has about 90k and has started making a rubbing sound when stopping and has been losing coolant.

When - Only when decelerating at a normal to quick pace. There is no sound while accelerating, cruising, or stopping slowly. It makes the sound in drive or neutral. The sound can continue momentarily after the vehicle has completely stopped.

Sound - Like there is plastic straps around the drive shaft that spool up and rub the body. It gets louder (spools up more) the quicker I stop, then slows down to a stop.

Where - (As heard from driver seat) Mid vehicle on the passenger side - about where the Urea tank is

Affects - The vehicle drives and shifts normal.

Investigation - I crawled under the vehicle and could not find anything wrapped around the driveshaft or axles. I jacked the rear end up and could not find any excessive play in the driveshaft bearings or u joints.

I have diagnosed and fixed bad rear ends, transmissions, and drive shafts. This sound is new and I am at a complete loss. Please help!

The low coolant light has been coming on when the coolant is low or full since the temperature here in VA has dropped (40 deg mornings). When I first saw the light the reservoir level was above the minimum line. The light has continued to stay on so I have been checking the level regularly. Once it was very low and I added about 1/2 gal. Then I have been intermittently adding small amounts. I have added 1 gal over the last 100 miles.

The top radiator hose always feels soft and I have not been able to find a leak since it has been raining a lot here. Using an OBD scanner the temperature has been running in the 185-190 range and the cabin heat works fine. Commutes are 5 to 10 miles. Where is the coolant going and why does the low level light come on even when the reservoir is full?

The rear end leaks. I have added about 1/2 quart in 3k miles
The brakes can sequel loudly intermittently

PS: I do have a 125k 6 year extended factory warranty that the previous owner purchased. Would these be covered? Thanks again for your help!


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Are you certain it is the low coolant light and not something else? Perhaps you could post a photo please.

Could it possibly be low DEF and what you are hearing is the pump sucking air?

Thinking out loud.


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I just double checked the symbol and meaning. It is definitely the low coolant light.

The DEF light did come on a few hundred miles ago and I added 2.5 gal. I also thought of the DEF pump if the fluid is sloshing forward when stopping. Is that a problem with sprinters?
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I found both problems! Coolant has filled my rear passenger heating unit. When I brake it must short wires and kick the fan on. It should be covered under warranty. Hopefully I can make a trip to the dealer soon. Any one had this problem before?

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