Christopher Trucks - Piedmont SC Service Center


I was at the Christopher Trucks Piedmont SC service center today having a recall performed, and the place seemed like a good place. They let me talk to Ed (sprinter mechanic) and he was very helpful and answered all my questions (even the ones not related to the recall). They performed my recall in a timely and quick manner, and had me on my way fast!

I would go back to them in a minute (if needed). I really liked the laid back smaller shop. It was very clean and in order. Most important they didn't treat me like another number going through the shop, and were very personable and real!

On another note, I met a very nice couple and they were having serious issues to the effect that they may need a new motor (at 54K miles). I really felt sorry for them and their troubles. They were sprinter full timers. Ed seemed he was doing his best to help them!

Just thought I would share my first time service experience at Christopher Trucks. If first impressions are real.... it seems to be a great shop!

Andrew and Ruth, I hope you guys get it all worked out okay!


I had my Sprinter based RV serviced at Christopher Trucks 3 times, initially a fuel filter and ECU update. Another time wheel sensor repair and routine service. 3rd time had a wheel sensor fail leaving Crossville TN in the morning, called Christopher Trucks as I would be passing through Greenville SC that afternoon. Ready when I got there and Repaired in about an hour and back on the road. Good shop 864-269-2131

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