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I just finished up my home made shelving. In total i have 10 feet of shelving with shelf widths from 16 inches to 8 inches... and my small work desk behind drivers seat for my laptop and printer and other things. Will be loading it up shortly and getting things organized. All material is 5/8" good one side plywood, the front lips for shelves are 1/8' good one side. Will be adding shelf's or extra storage as i go.

I didn't like the fact of just trying to put wood screws into the vans metal so i ordered lashing rail bolts from Bott

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That looks awesome Shane! Dunno what you do for a living but commercial van outfitter could be added to your resume!!


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That will hold alot of Old Dutch!
Potato chips:lol:....yes i carry a lot of volume but the goods are light weight figured i would max out the shelving:thumbup:

That looks awesome Shane!
Thanks it turned out better than i thought its what i had pictured in my head.

Dunno what you do for a living but commercial van outfitter could be added to your resume!!
Appliance repair....i learned a few things doing this project which took about 2 days and about a month to get things loaded and organized.


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Very nice shelves
Thanks...getting the shelf ends to match the van wall curve was a bit tedious though...what i like about the lashing rail bolts besides there strength is i can remove either shelf section(the 4 foot or the 6 foot,or desk) out as a complete assembly if needed just by removing the bolt nuts... I might paint things down the road, will see focus now is getting it organized and full set up and when i do i will include some photos.


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So how did you figure out the profile of the ends? I've thought about trying to mock up something with cardboard first. Or figuring some way to use an arm with a pen to try and trace the profile onto the wood.

I do like your way of anchoring the shelves. I wish I could find someone local that sold L-track like that. I might just use some 3/8" rivnuts, and bolt the back piece of wood to the wall first, then add the sides, then shelves.


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So how did you figure out the profile of the ends?
Yes i used a cardboard template cheaper than cutting wood wrong:smilewink:

bolt the back piece of wood to the wall first, then add the sides, then shelves.
That's kinda what i did..i got my wood mounting brackets set and lined up with lashing bolts and snugged into place...in my case i made the shelf ends and shelf's (after test fitting) assembled it and installed the assembly to mark the corner bracket locations with the mounting strip, drilled and installed all hardware then reinstall shelf as an assembly and tighten lashing nuts. Once i figured out the best hardware to use and the drilling and such it was like a assembly line.

I lucked out and had the lashing rails at my disposal once i found the bolts it made life a lot easier.. my wallet was a bit thinner 12 bolts were 55.20 plus shipping and duty was close to a bill by the time i was done...ah the price to pay for being picky:crazy:


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Great looking job! You are a craftsman. :clapping:



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That's a work of art. It's beautiful, symmetric, functional, sturdy and I think you just preserved/recaptured some resale value to your van. Well, if I needed a van, I'd pay more because of those shelves. I hope you feel really good about your very well-done job!



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Great Shelving. Very close to what I'm envisioning for my '04 in the not too distant future, so good inspiration.

Question: Is that factory-installed L-track on the walls/floor? I'll be putting some in myself (next week if all goes well) but just wondering about who did yours & how. Have seen other posts here on the topic which is how I'm formulating my plan... just wondering about yours.



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Is that factory-installed L-track on the walls/floor?
Yes, by using the mounting bolts from Bott it made the installation much easier, plus if i want to remove any of the shelving sections it can be done quickly and easily.


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Finally getting laptop and such setup inside van...things are still in the experimental stages but so far things are working pretty good. Still need to mount inverter and decide how I'm going to wire that up... for now i just been plugging into power outlet at base of drivers seat and only running the microfiche(it only runs short periods of time). In the future i will run a wireless printer to try and eliminate all wires besides power.



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Shane, this is the first I'm seeing of this post. I am simply amazed at the craftmanship. Wow! You did a fantastic job if it all. You should produce a shelving kit or plans for what you did as an added income. I am impressed :thumbup:
It looks great Shane!

So what are you going to use to finish the wood?


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Thanks Simon...no plans for a kit sorry:popcorn:

I have no plans of putting a finish.... i was going to spray a coat of dark gray paint but once i got shelves all mounted in there i got lazy and bailed. Down the road if i wanted i could pull the shelving units and lay some paint or some type of covering but for now they stay natural.


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Have you given thought to adding a partition between the driving cabin and rear?

In the event of an accident all your small parts etc will become Shrapnel flying toward you at high speed .

You don't wanna look like Swiss cheese when the EMT's arrive.

I highly encourage you to consider either a full partition or one with a sliding center door.

Minimal investment for increased safety .

What is the area which appears to be vents in the floor underneath the printer? Did you put that in aftermarket or did it come stock?

What will the inverter be powering?

If it will power your laptop I suggestion a pure sine wave inverter instead of the cheaper inverters which are not suitable for powering electronic gear such as computers.

How will you secure the microfiche viewer?

Seeing it was a flashback to the 80's as I have not used one since then .

Good to see not everything is on the Internet and old school technology is sometimes the only way to go.
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