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I popped my hood tonight to take a picture for a fellow forum member and my eyes were drawn to a strange sight. The top of my brake fluid reservoir looked like it was peeling away. Upon closer examination it appeared that the underlying plastic of the reservoir was in good shape and it was full of fluid. The brakes have been working just fine, indeed, I just had the brakes redone.

A little background - following Doktor A's advice I had the brake fluid flushed by a Sprinter dealer back in January. Since then I've put 8000 miles on it, mostly while touring the SW USA during Feb & March.

Is it possible that the dealer spilled some fluid when they did the flush and this is what it became or does someone have another explanation? Need I be concerned?

If you look at the pix you will see the "peel." It is very similar to what peeling skin looks like when someone has a bad sunburn. It comes off easily enough but what caused it?



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Most of the engine bay is indiscriminately coated at the factory with a clear protective finish.

Your peeling was accelerated by spilled brake fluid. Was the reservoir overfilled or was the technician sloppy when removing the pressure bleeder?

You can likely see this finish peeling and/or chipping on the fan shroud and other plastic and metal components.

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Doktor A is spot on the is a protective coating on the engine components. either the fluid was spilled and not cleaned up:idunno: or the cap is weeping, not fully locked onto the reservoir; or it's had a steam clean with a highly reactive solvent stripper in the wash! causing the protective factory seal to de-laminate.


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Doktor A,
Thanks for the prompt reply. The cap was tight when I checked and the plastic was dry so I suspect it was sloppiness by the technician during the flush. Since the dealer wouldn't let me watch the flush procedure I can't say for sure. The peel seems to be limited to the reservoir. Why I didn't notice it before now is beyond me.




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hi tim a tip for every one if someone especially a dealer was doing anything with your van check over what they did, you would be surprised what they either leave behind or forget to put back:shifty:


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