NAFTA NCV3 - The Sprinter, The Scan Tool and the Online Service Info

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The purpose of this write-up is to illustrate a challenge with the Service Information, the tools and provide a reason why a dealership tech may not have the resources required to get your Sprinter out of the shop as fast as you'd expect.

This isn't a plea for help, it's just an illustration of a challenge, a barrier to full resolution, given the tools we have to Service Sprinters in the NAFTA region, and the information provided to us in the NAFTA region.


Every month or two, I scan my Sprinter for DTCs. Most of the time I just do it to avoid doing actual work like cleaning out the basement, folding laundry, sweeping the floor... but never mind that now.


This morning I found a DTC stored in my Sprinter.

According to the StarMOBILE ScanTool, as driven by the WiTECH PC software, the DTC 909B was stored and associated with the Roof Control Module (RCM).

The StarMOBILE Desktop Client also showed the error, but WiTECH is supposed to be better-integrated with service information available over a network (DealerCONNECT if you're a Dodge tech, or TechAuthority, if you're an independent shop or simply crazy, like me).

I should also note that I had no warning lights on the instrument cluster about this. I wouldn't even know about it if I hadn't gone out of my way to look.

Here's the WiTECH DTC report.


Sorry it's difficult to read. I took a screen shot and resized for posting on Sprinter-Source. I used Microsoft Office's Picture Manager and it looks a bit mangled.

Oh, wait. I can print a "report."


Ok, that's better.

Looking at the report, I see that it happened when the odometer read 20,212 miles.

I also remember that I accidentally set off my alarm a few days ago and it was probably around mileage 20212... so that alarm-triggering matches the DTC Report's idea of "when it happened."

Next, I wanted to know just what this 909B DTC means; seems like a pretty simple question. No.


As noted before, the 2007 Service Manual has no search function for anything, including DTCs. So I logged into TechAuthority because there IS a search function on TechAuthority.

The TechAuthority info supposed to be current and comprehensive enough for commerical work (turning a wrench on a vehicle for profit).

So I logged in to TechAuthority and I entered my VIN into the web application.

The TechAuthority web app figured out the year and model and the engine. So far, so good.

Then I clicked on the Search Tab, selected Service Infomation and entered in the DTC code.


That's interesting.

Now remember my tool, the same tool that dealerships use indicated the error was the result of a fault in the RCM (Roof Control Module). The tool's report description is, "Auxiliary Horn Private Bus Communication Error."

According to this TechAuthority search result, DTC 909B is not an RCM code, but a Body Control Module (BCM) code.

To recap: My tool says, "Auxiliary Horn Private Bus Communication Error," and Techauthority says, "Passenger Window Stuck Switch."

So these two resources, the dealership tool and the functional equivalent of dealership service info, do not agree.

What I did:

What did I do? What do you think I did? I cleared the code and hope it doesn't happen again. That's what a dealership tech would do, right? Of course it is. The tech would have few alternatives because the greater good would be served by getting the vehicle back to the customer, ASAP; not doing homework for the dealership, or for Chrysler.



The attached PDF shows the TechAuthority service info for DTC 909B Passenger Window Stuck Switch, which while not my problem according to WiTECH, is provided to complete this Write-Up, and because I had a one more attachment available for this posting.

PPS: It wasn't under "wiring info, either" I forgot to include this search in the text above, but I did look and capture a screen shot of the error "Your search 909B - did not match any Wiring documents." It wasn't under Service Bulletins, either.

Service Info for dealing with DTC 909B
View attachment DTC-909B-Techauthority-Seach-Result.pdf


No love under "Wiring info"


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