2015 Sprinter Van 170 High Roof 4-cyl Diesel

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170 4-cyl turbo diesel Mercedes Sprinter high roof
ONLY 73k miles. Just got new brakes, oil change, and DEF fluid.

REGISTERED AS RV WITH RV INSURANCE - much easier to get a loan for it.
$63,000 or best offer

New oil, front brakes, and DEF.
Rear AC unit is cosmetically bent but functions great.
Everything else is very good condition!

Open to feedback, comments, and questions.

Reason we're selling is that we're looking to buy our first house and unfortunately cannot keep our beloved camper van anymore. If you are looking for a reliable sprinter van that you can make your own and save $15,000-$20,000, than this is it!

I so WISH I would have been able to find something like this when I was looking to build out my camper van. These vans are $35,000+ with nothing in them and you'll end up spending another $10,000-$15,000 on materials. Save yourself the 500+ hours and check this out. I'm willing to work with you on getting a loan and going to the bank for all the paperwork. That's how we did it and what it takes to get something worth driving.

This van has everything you want. You can see our build pictures on Instagram @TheBarefootBrophys or online at https://www.instagram.com/thebarefootbrophys/ (scroll to the bottom for the van pics)

- Fully double insulated with fireproof sound blocker
- Fits Queen Bed with room to spare
- Recessed low-amp RV LEDs with dimmer
- 24/7 ARB fridge, 82 qt (biggest one you can get), $1000+ new
- Full standing kitchen with sink and oven
- Live edge juniper slab kitchen counter top
- Third seat for child or guest (could easily be re purposed for storage or desk)
- Hideaway toilet
- Outdoor shower ready
- 7 speaker Kenwood system wired and ready
- Tactical Cover King custom seat covers for needed storage
- 50" drawers in back for gear and storage
- Two 6'6" surfboard slots on left side of van and one longer 8'10" spot on right side
- 200 amp hours of battery with driving charger and plug for charging
- Iphone/laptop three-prong plug for charging

This is the 2500 Sprinter 170 high roof. There is an extra couple feet over the 144 and it has 6'3" standing height inside.

4-cylinder turbo diesel gets amazing mileage! We just clocked in real-use mpg at 25mpg on our last trip. Hard to believe but definitely needed. The last thing you want is an epic camper van that costs you $500+ In gas just for small trips. You can fill this van up for $80 and go 400+ miles

You will see other conversion vans out there with 150k+ miles and half the amenities for $75k+. Get something that will last and is well designed.

We went through the painstaking process of converting to class-B RV so you can walk around in the back without a seat belt and get get RV insurance. Insured at $75,000 for ~$100/month.

Selling because we need to buy a house. Not in a rush to sell but want it to go to the right person.
Let us know if you have any questions.



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Where are you located? Why is this posted as a poll?

Your asking price seems to good to be true. You did the whole build and then didn't have it for long at all. Do you have more pictures?
Hi There,

We bought it last November and built it out over 6 months. Had a baby and now we're going another direction.

We're in southern California.

Send me an email and I will share a link to our 100+ photos via Google Drive.

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