2019 Quick Reference Guide - MB News Release, dated Sept 5, 2018


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What's "Hibernation" mode?

What kind of luxury seats?
What's "Hibernation" mode?
There's room in the back for a family of bears to sleep for several months. Very popular in the mountainous regions of Bavaria.

What kind of luxury seats?
Anything would be an improvement. I heard so much about how ergonomic the Sprinter seats were before I bought, and have been a little disappointed. They're better than my Sunstar, but nowhere close to the Roadtrek.
What does "VS30" mean anyway?
Chassis designation. Like T1N and NCV3 before it.
How the letters and numbers break down is a mystery to me.
Being German, there's probably some rhyme/reason.


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"Vehicle Shape 30"?

The T1N had an internal designation as VA (sometimes with a 05 suffix)
The NCV3 (new cargo vehicle 3) was VB


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