Who's doing DIY T1N project in the SF Bay Area?


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Can I post here? I'm in Oakland. I just bought a 2007 1st year of NCV3 3500 170"EWB, 260k miles from a guy a few weeks ago as a planned nonoperational vehicle. After reading and watching videos from this forum for a thousand years, replaced the turbo actuator and oxygen sensor myself, cleared the engine lights, passed readiness monitors and got the vehicle to pass emissions and be registered in CA. Kind of a cool achievement for myself. Never turned a wrench on a vehicle before.

Now I have to work on the interior. And replace little bits and bobs of stuff. She's a little rough around the edges. The previous owner used fiberglass insulation but didn't finish. I understand this is a less than ideal insulator unless the vapor barrier is perfect, otherwise i'll be dealing with mold and toxicity. He also built a comically large bed platform that obstructs the easy closing of the rear doors. I have to first set that springy bar into the door, then close the door so that it goes OVER and not INTO the wooden bed supports he built. Silly.

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